Foam Pit


A Safe & Fun Environment For Your Children

 Are you tired of stressing about the little ones while your busy doing chores around the house?

The foam balls are soft and lightweight, reducing the risk of injury or harm during play. Additionally, playing in a foam ball pit can help children develop their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills through interactive play with others.

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 A stimulating and engaging play environment is beneficial for children in many ways. It provides opportunities for children to explore, learn, and develop new skills through play. Additionally, a stimulating and engaging play environment can help to promote physical activity and exercise, which is important for maintaining good health and reducing the risk of obesity. Overall, a stimulating and engaging play environment is essential for the healthy development and well-being of children.

Join happy Australian customers who have enjoyed watching their children use the Foam Ball Pit!

Benefits Of The Foam Ball Pit

✅ A Foam Ball Pit Provides A Safe & Fun Environment For Children To Play In

✅ Provides A Stimulating & Engaging Play Environment For Children

✅ Helps Develop Hand-Eye Coordination & Social Skills

✅ Reduces The Risk Of Injury Or Harm During Play

✅ Can Be A Great Way To Promote Physical Activity & Exercise In Children

✅ Happy Australian Customers

✅ Australian Owned & Operated 

✅ Risk Free 14 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Physical Activity Is Essential For The Healthy Development Of Children

Physical activity is essential for the healthy development and well-being of children and it is important for parents to encourage children to be physically active on a regular basis. Promotes healthy growth and development, regular physical activity helps children develop strong bones, muscles, and organs, which is essential for healthy growth and development.

 Importance Of Hand-Eye Coordination & Social Skills In Children

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to synchronize the movements of the hands and eyes. It is essential for many activities that children engage in, such as sports, writing, and playing musical instruments. Developing strong hand-eye coordination helps children to perform these activities effectively and efficiently. Strong hand-eye coordination has been linked to better academic performance, particularly in subjects such as math and science.

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Features Include:

  • Ball Pit Color: Light Blue/Grey
  • Suit: 0-8 years old
  • Size: 90 cm in diameter, 30 cm in height
  • Balls Color: Vintage mixed colors/Candy mixed colors
  • Ball Diameter: 5.5CM
  • Material: Memory sponge and fabric
  • Height: 11.8 inches
  • Wall thickness: 2 inch

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